FELV Test For Cats

The Feline Leukemia Virus Antigen Rapid Test (FELV test for cats) is a test cassette to diagnose the presence of Feline Leukemia virus antigens in cat’s blood specimen. Assay Time: 5-10 minutes Specimen: Serum, plasma or whole blood

Product Details

Feline Leukemia Virus Antigen Rapid Test (FELV test for cats)  


Feline leukemia is a common and highly lethal feline disease caused by Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV) and other infections. The main features of this disease are malignant lymphoma, myelogenous leukemia, degenerative thymic atrophy and non-regenerative anemia. Kittens are highly susceptible, and there is still no effective treatment for this disease and no effective vaccine to prevent it. The source of infection of the disease is sick cats, which can be transmitted through the respiratory and digestive tracts. This product uses immunochromatographic experiments on cat blood samples to quickly diagnose the presence of feline leukemia virus antigens in sick cats.

Materials Provided

- Test devices, with disposable droppers

- Assay buffer  

- Cotton swabs

- Products Manual



- Allow all materials, including specimen and test device, recover to 15-25℃ before running the assay.

- Take out the test device from the foil pouch and place it horizontally.

- Using the capillary dropper to place 10μL of the prepared specimen into the sample hole “S” of the test device. Then drop 2 drops (approx. 80μL) of the assay buffer into the sample hole immediately.

- Interpret the result in 5-10 minutes. Result after 10 minutes is considered as invalid.


- Positive (+): The presence of both “C” line and zone “T” line, no matter T line is clear or vague.

- Negative (-): Only clear C line appear. No T line.

- Invalid: No colored line appears in C zone. No matter if T line appears.

1.Fast Test, get result within 10-15 minutes.

2.High sensitivity and specificity
3.Easy to operate, no need equipment, convenient and fast

Company profile

Hangzhou Immuno Biotech Co., LTD.,  was established in 2014, is dedicated to the development of the immune reagent products, services, sales, distribution and integration of high-tech enterprises. we have a strong R & D team are experienced scholar, and lots active agile young talent, this is our product quality assurance. On the basis of technical development and product innovation, through continuous investment in technology, research and development team has successfully developed a number of products, subject to market and customers.



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