Leishmania Canis Antibody 2.0 Rapid Test

The Leishmania canis Antibody Rapid Test is a test cassette to diagnose the presence of Leishmania canis antibody (LSH Ab) in dog’s blood specimen. Assay Time: 5-10 minutes Specimen: Serum, plasma or whole blood

Product Details


Allow all materials, including specimen and test device, recover to 15-25℃ before running the assay.

-     Take out the test card from the foil pouch and place it horizontally.

-     Collect 20μL of the prepared specimen into a vial of assay buffer and mix well. Then drop 3 drops (approx. 120μL) of the diluted sample into the sample hole “S” of the test card.

-     Interpret the result in 5-10 minutes. Result after 10 minutes is considered as invalid.



The kit can be stored at room temperature (4-30°C). The test kit is stable through the expiration date (24 months) marked on the package label. DO NOT FREEZE. Do not store the test kit in direct sunlight.

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