Canine IgE Antibody Test

Canine IgE Antibody Test is a test cassette to diagnose the presence of total IgE (C.IgE) in dog’s blood specimen.

Product Details

Canine IgE Rapid Test 


Canine IgE, synthesized by B cells in the lymphoid tissue of the mucous lamina propria of the respiratory and digestive tracts of dogs, is a mediator of allergic reactions.The detection of tCanine IgE is a fast and effective indicator of allergic reactions in sick dogs, providing a lead for further analysis and diagnosis of diseases such as food allergies and allergies caused by parasitic infections



Canine IgE Antibody Test is for in vitro veterinary diagnosis use only. All result should be considered with other clinical information available with veterinarian. It is suggested to apply a further quantitative method such as Elisa or Western blot when positive result was observed. 



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