Why Do Pet Owners Test Themselves For The Opposite Of The Results Of Pet Hospital Tests?

- Apr 05, 2019-

Many friends in this situation, the forward reaction is that the paper is not good.

We do not deny that there may be some inferior products on the market, but if only according to the test results of the test paper and the results of the subsequent delivery of pet hospital test results, it is not good to judge a test paper, which itself is more biased. Those who have been involved in immunotomography-based paper research and development will know that any one of the test paper, clinically impossible to achieve 100% accuracy. Even hiv test paper for human use, early pregnancy test paper and so on can not be done. Pet test paper belongs to the relative maturity of the immune test paper is relatively low, than the accuracy of the test paper used by people is even worse. In the international veterinary diagnostic community, the role of pet paper test paper is more on the initial screening of pet diseases, as a reference for clinical analysis. An experienced veterinarian is not a mere test result of a pet test paper to determine whether a pet has canine plague or small. They tend to combine the results of the test paper, clinical performance, blood test reports, and so on to make the diagnosis. That's why the cost of self-testing with test paper is much lower than the price of pet hospital testing.