What Are The Allergens Of Pet Knowledge Sharing Dogs?

- Jun 05, 2019-

Many dogs have had allergic experience, after the allergic dog will be itchy skin, serious will be red dot abscess, hair removal situation is also frequent.

Why the dog will be allergic, for the dog has those allergens? Pet test paper manufacturers with everyone to understand it!

Clinical studies have shown that dog allergies can be classified as acute allergic reactions and chronic allergic reactions.

Acute allergic reactions often occur immediately after oral or injectable medication or intake of certain sensitive proteins, facial, limb redness, body papules, itching, and some severe shortness of breath or even shock death.

Chronic allergic reactions can manifest themselves as red herpes, papules, itching, skin hair loss, some accompanied by chronic ear inflammation (redness in the ear, oozing) and vomiting, diarrhea symptoms.

There are several pathogens that cause dog allergies:

1. External parasites: fleas, lice, ticks, saliva, excreta allergies.

2. Skin aphids are allergic. 3. External contact allergies, such as dust, pollen, plants, chemical fiber fabrics, and some even bath liquid allergies.