Use More Accurate Pet Paper To Be A Better Pet Doctor

- Apr 20, 2019-

Everyone knows that pet test paper is able to detect whether pets have a small virus effective items, generally speaking, owners will go to the pet hospital and the Internet to buy this small test paper, to regularly test for their pets, can be used to help veterinarians and pet owners in 5-10 minutes,

It is convenient and accurate to detect whether the suspect edgy dog is infected with the canine fever virus. Pet test paper is based on colloidal gold immunotomography technology, which is recognized as a relatively sensitive detection technology in the world. It is a new type of immunolabeling technique that is applied to antigen antibodies with colloidal gold as a missing marker. Colloidgold is a stable colloidal state formed by chlorinto acid in the role of reducing agents such as white phosphorus and ascorbic acid, which is polymerized into a specific size of gold particles, and by electrostatic action.