The Route Of Transmission Of Canine Fever

- May 15, 2019-

Pets are a good partner of modern people, but pets are also easy to get sick, many owners may not have this awareness, small editor suggested that pet owners must do a good job of pet bath clean work, found that there are problems also to go to the hospital to deal with in time, many owners are also very smart, buy pet test paper to test. Canine fever is a highly contact-and-fatal infectious disease in dogs caused by canine fever virus. Early bipolar body temperature type, symptoms similar to a cold, followed by bronchitis, carotid pneumonia, gastroenteritis as the characteristics. Later in the disease, nerve symptoms such as spasms and convulsions can be seen.

In some cases, the nasal and horn pads can be highly angled. The disease can occur all year round, but it occurs more often in winter and spring. The disease has a certain periodicity, every three years a pandemic. Dogs of all ages, genders and breeds can be infected, but younger pups are more susceptible. Pure-bred dogs and police dogs are more susceptible than soil-bred dogs, and have a high response to the disease and high mortality. The more important sources of infection for the disease are the nose, eye secretions and urine. After 60190d of dogs infected with the canine plague virus, there is still a virus in the urine, so urine is a dangerous source of infection, the main transmission is direct contact between sick dogs and healthy dogs, but also through air droplets through respiratory infection.