The Main Characteristics Of The Prevalence Of Blue Ear Disease In Pigs

- Apr 30, 2019-

The prevalence characteristics of blue ear disease in pigs are mainly manifested in the following five

1. Clinical manifestations tend to be complex, the degree of morbidity is increasing;

2. The mortality rate of piglet infection is on the rise;

3. Subclinical infection is becoming more and more common, the persistent infection of pigs, recessive infection is very common, the pig population with poison time is very long;

4. Immune suppression, often secondary to other diseases (such as erythrocytosis, streptococcus disease, salmonella disease, etc.), will also affect other vaccines (such as swine fever vaccine) vaccination effect;

5. Mixed infections are on the rise, such as ring virus disease, pseudo-rabies, swine fever, swine infectious pleural pneumonia, etc.