Remember To Use Test Strips When Buying Pet Dogs

- Aug 15, 2020-

Golden Retriever is also my favorite pet and a non-aggressive pet dog. Like playing with people

Everyone usually buys puppies and raises them. If the puppy has Canine Distemper Parvovirus, it is not found.

Going back to raise puppies, with the virus, it is difficult for us to feed. Therefore, it is very important to detect the virus, and there is a test paper that can help us judge.

Canine plague, the small test paper, looks like a pregnancy test stick.

Canine Distemper Test Paper

Detection of mutant viruses in dog's serum, plasma, eyeball secretions and nasal mucus, 100% canine distemper detection


1. Collection and storage of objects to be picked: Plasma, serum, eyeball secretions and nasal mucus are used as objects to be collected, and 100ul of objects are required. The test object can be stored for 7 days at 2-8 degrees. If the test substance is stored for a long time, the serum or plasma should be separated and stored at -20 degrees. When performing the test, it should be fully placed in a room temperature environment so that the temperature of the test object is consistent with the room temperature before performing the test.

2. Detection method: The reaction plate is placed in a humid environment, which may cause the drop concentration and stability of the antibody to decrease, so it should be opened and extracted before use. Open the silver foil paper, place the tool on a flat ground, and record relevant information about the affected animal on the tool. If the test object is serum or plasma, use a dropper to drop 2-3 drops (100ul) on the test object. If it is eye discharge (tears) or nasal mucus, use a cotton swab for sampling to take the test object and dilute it in the dilution buffer, then drop 2-3 drops on the test object compartment. After 5-10 minutes, the test result is judged. After placing the test object, the test object is completely diffused on the reaction plate, and the judgment is made within 10 minutes, and the reaction after 10 minutes is considered negative.

3. Judgment result: judge negative and positive according to the results of the test line and the control line.

Negative: Only when the control line (C) is red or purple. This condition means that there is no canine distemper virus.

Positive: Only when the test line (T) and the control line (C) are both red or purple. This situation means that you have been infected with canine distemper virus.

The usage of the small test paper is the same as the canine plague test paper. Some test strips can detect both viruses together.

When buying a pet dog, remember to use test strips to prevent buying sick dogs.

Like pet dogs, learn more about dogs. In order to finally realize the fun of raising a dog.