Pet Test Paper Manufacturers To Show You About The Pet Runny Nose How To Do?

- Jun 10, 2019-

Normally sleeping, or just waking a pet, the nose may be a little dry, so pay attention to the distinction.

The snot is made up of secretions of the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, inflammatory oozing, peeling or disintegrating tissue and blood, saliva, food, water, and vomit that are flowing into the respiratory tract.

Healthy pets generally do not have nasal fluid flow, winter may have a small amount of slurry nasal fluid, check, first of all to observe the pet has no nasal fluid, check the nasal fluid to pay attention to the following points: 1. One-sided or side sex: If only a nostril has nostril fluid, then the nostril or side of the side of the sinuses have lesions.

On both sides of the nasal fluid is the nasal cavity, throat, trachea, bronchial or lung disease on both sides.

2. Characteristics of nasal fluid:

(1) slurry nasal fluid: nasal fluid colorless transparent, presented as a water sample, can be seen in the respiratory mucosa acute inflammation of the initial stage, cold and canine fever in the early stage.

Coldand and canine fever fever flow of the snot is very similar, the owner should pay attention to distinguish, if the dog fever, often have repeated fever phenomenon, you can buy canine plague test paper test, and timely use of canine fever virus monoclonal antibody, control the disease of canine plague.

(2) Viscosity nasal fluid: nasal liquid mucus egg white sample or gray white opaque, containing more mucus, is consoned, seen in the respiratory mucosal inflammation in the middle or recovery period, such as acute trachea carton.

(3) Bloody nasal fluid: the nasal fluid mixed with blood, seen in nasal mucosal membrane trauma, nasal parasites or foreign bodies, nasal mucosal ulcers, nasal tumors, acute nasal carotids, pulmonary edema and other diseases, most of them have red slurry nasal fluid.

The color of different nasal fluids in the bleeding area will also vary, the nose bleeds are drippy or linear, pulmonary bleeding is the bright red of the nasal fluid on both sides, containing small bubbles, and the stomach bleed is shown as dark red. General normal pets do not do not have a nose, so if found that the pet runny nose, it is better to think about the relatively recent weather changes are relatively large, may be cold, for the pups and cats are more attention, if found that there is mucus, pus, hematosony nasal fluid is better as early as possible with pets to do check, so as not to delay treatment.