Pet Paper Test Principle, Do You Understand?

- Jun 20, 2019-

Infectious diseases are a class of diseases caused by a variety of pathogens that can be transmitted between people, animals and animals, or between humans and animals. Generally caused by parasites, bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms, infectious disease pathogendetection methods have many, including animal experiments, virus isolation, ELISA, PCR, immunotomography, these diagnostic methods are relatively accurate, but due to the need for animals, equipment, or time is longer, or the need for professional and technical expertise, and is not suitable for clinical applications

According to the reaction of antigen antibodies, pet paper test paper has been developed, which is simple, fast and easy to read, and is suitable for clinical use. The test notes used in clinical practice are based on colloidal gold technology.


Colloid gold test paper diagnosis is developed by colloidal gold immunotomography technology, which is a fast and simple immunological testing technology established on the basis of immunofiltration technology in the early 1990s. Colloidgold is a specific size of gold particles formed by chloroquinic acid under the action of reducing agents. Good quality colloidal gold solution can be shown red, particle size is also relatively uniform. Colloidgold can bind strongly to protein molecules (e.g. immunoglobulin) under alkaline conditions, resulting in the formation of colloidal gold-labeled antibodies.

Trial paper to nitric cellulose membrane as a carrier, the use of microporous membrane capillary action, drip-adding liquid at one end of the membrane bar slowly seepage to the other end, through antigen antibody binding, and the use of colloidal gold to present color (red) reaction, detection of antigen / antibody. Colloid gold includes sandwich method, indirect method and competition law, which is commonly used in clinical comparison for sandwich method.