Pet Health: How To Use Canine Distemper Test Paper

- May 23, 2020-

How to use canine distemper test paper? In fact, the use method is very simple, just take some dog's BB, dilute the syringe with water in the container to absorb the solution, and drop it into the groove of the test paper, usually about 4 drops, wait five to ten Within minutes, observe the results. If the test strip shows two red lines, it means that the dog has been infected with canine distemper virus, and one is okay. In order to ensure the correctness of the results, it is recommended that the dog owner test it several times.

In addition, you can also use dog saliva, nasal discharge and other secretions for testing. In order to ensure the health of dogs, it is recommended that the majority of breeders can master a variety of testing methods and carry out scientific tests. Time to solve.