How To Tell If The Test Paper Bought Is Effective?

- Apr 01, 2019-

First open the box, take out a piece of aluminum foil bag of test paper, carefully observe whether the aluminum foil bag seal is complete and does not leak air. If the seal of the aluminum foil bag is not good, there is a leak, then the humidity of the environment inside the aluminum foil bag will certainly not meet the requirements of test paper storage. For the main active ingredient syltomotype products of immunotomography paper products is antigen antibodies, humidity conditions are very important to maintain the activity of antigen antibodies. The activity of the test paper can only be maintained in a long-term stable condition in a dry environment (usually Humidity - 30C).

Therefore, once the aluminum foil bag is found to be broken, you can judge that the test paper is no longer valid. After tearing open the aluminum foil bag, remove the test paper card, be careful not to touch the white film in the test paper card detection window. The membrane is a cellulose nitrate membrane, also known as the NC membrane, as the core part of the test paper test, all antigen antibody reactions occur on the membrane surface. And the NC membrane is extremely fragile, often very small scraping will occur broken. Damaged or contaminated NC membranes can affect the accuracy of a test paper.

Therefore, to observe whether the NC film is broken is the second step to judge whether the test paper is effective. The test paper is tested for accuracy by using the sample dilution of the same batch of the test paper. If yes, there is no problem with the test paper negative. Be careful not to use the dilution of different brands of test paper.

The reason is that different companies developed the test paper system is different, the corresponding sample dilution formula is also different, different manufacturers of dilution formula some ingredients, may have a non-specific reaction with another brand of test paper, false positive phenomenon. Use the Intwed or Pfizer vaccine to verify that the test paper is positive or not. Because the pet vaccine itself is detoxifying or detoxifying the virus, it contains corresponding antigens such as canine fever virus antigen and caninovirus antigen. When the vaccine is added directly to the test card test hole, it is bound to react with the antibody on the test paper, thus showing a positive reaction. This allows you to judge that the test paper is valid for positive.