How Should The Canine Test Paper Be Used?

- May 25, 2019-

Canine fever is a common highly contact viral infectious disease, mainly through respiratory infections, is caused by the virus. The fatality rate is very high, and it is very difficult to get to the middle and late stages of treatment. Now the general use of serum antibody treatment in the early stages of the disease course has a certain effect, once the middle and late stage of the course of the disease is very poor effect. So the more likely it is to be cured if you find it early.

We can use canine plague test paper for testing, the following by the small to teach you how to use the test paper!

Pet Test Paper.gif With the dog fever CDV test paper test, it is recommended to buy more spare, but also to prevent the test paper has failed. Room temperature (2 to 30 degrees C) is sealed and cannot be frozen.

Here's a look at how:

1. Open the package and place the CDV-related components in a dry and stable place.

2. Collect with cotton swab: eye secretions, nasal fluid, saliva (just take a little bit, too much will affect the effect.) Can be collected from clean parts first).

3. Put the cotton swab collection into the "reflecting buffer" to mix well.

4. Use a disposable dropper to absorb the sample reflecting the buffer.

5. Drop perptimon of the sample, drip into the test version of the sample hole (S), 3 to 4 drops can be.

6. When the reaction is carried out, the fuchsia strip can be seen moving in the reflecting window in the middle of the test paper; Tip: After 10 minutes, the result is considered invalid.