Canine Plague Test Paper Can Help Monitor And Control The Outbreak

- Apr 25, 2019-

Canine fever is more troubling than small viruses because the time to repeat treatment has to be tight. Incubation period is long, a little attention not to pay timely cure will enter the nerve damage nerve, resulting in dog paralysis life-long scrapping!  And the virus is also widespread, the virus is abundant in the dog's nose, saliva, tears, blood and through urine long-term detoxification. There are two main infection strains of canine fever. One is direct contact with sick dogs and healthy dogs. Second, infection through indirect means, such as droplets through respiratory infection or through contaminated food through the digestive tract infection. Fortunately, however, canine fever is not contagious to humans! Canine fever virus survival is not very disgusting, sensitive to heat, dry, ultraviolet and organic solvents, easy to be killed by ultraviolet rays, ether, formaldehyde, raisin; Acid or alkali environments below pH4.5 and 9.0 or more can inactivate it quickly, but cryogenic freezing can be kept for several months and freeze-dried for several years. If your home environment has always been airy and dry.

Well, the virus is gone. Canine fever is a highly contagious infectious disease caused by canine fever virus, which is highly contagious and has a mortality rate of more than 80%. The body temperature of dogs at the beginning of the symptoms of canine fever is as high as 39. 5 to 41 degrees Celsius, loss of appetite, depression, water-like secretions from the eyes and nose, sneezing, diarrhea. In the next 2 to 14 days again the body temperature rise, cough, pus snot, pus eye poo this time is the middle of the canine plague. At the same time secondary gastrointestinal diseases, vomiting, thinning, loss of appetite. The spirit is highly depressed and drowsy. The later onset of canine fever will appear typical nerve symptoms, spitting white foam, convulsions, at this time it is generally difficult to cure but there are some successful cases of treatment.