About The Little Dog Plague Test Paper, You May Not Know These

- May 23, 2020-

1. The test paper and supporting items are disposable items, so they cannot be used repeatedly and crossly. For example, if the test is small, it can only be tested for small, and can only be used once.

2. Once the test paper is unpacked, it must be used within five minutes. If the seal is damaged before it is used, it means that the test strip may have failed, so replace it with a new one.

3. The shelf life of the test paper is generally two years. It can be stored at room temperature. Do not freeze it in the refrigerator.

4. When sampling, that is, when using the cotton swab to pick up the cake or nasal fluid, saliva, or urine, don't collect too much, about half of the cotton head is about 2/3.

5. When the pipette sucks the clear liquid from the collection bottle and drops it on the measuring plate, 3-5 drops are enough.

6. This is very important, that is, after dripping the clear solution, be sure to judge the result within 5-10 minutes. After this time, the judgment may be inaccurate.

7. If the color change bar appears on both the C line and the T line, it means that it is positive, indicating that there is a virus, but during the observation period, the color line of the T line may be darker or lighter, regardless of the depth, even if it is a very light color, It also means that it is positive, and this depth does not mean how much the virus content.

8. Normally, the reaction of the virus to a certain part of the body will not be detected until a certain degree. If the virus is in the incubation period (3-7 days), it cannot be detected, so it is best not to measure it today, tomorrow Test again, if not at ease, you can test again every other week.

9. Drugs will affect the test results, so if the dog takes the medicine or has just been vaccinated, test again in a week!

10. The cardboard must be placed flat on the table.