Which do you think is important in detecting antigens and antibodies?

- Apr 25, 2019-

Antigen detection is to find the source of infection, to swine fever, for example, detected swine fever antigen, is to find the source of infection, to the source of infection to take timely isolation and elimination measures.

Eliminating the source of infection can control the further development of the disease from the source.

Antigen detection requires attention to the following: 1. Pay attention to distinguish between vaccine and wild. It is generally believed that 15 days after the immuno-swine fluorophore vaccine, the vaccine antigen can not be detected by immunofluorescent method, there are also reports that the use of PCR method after 47 days of immunization, can still detect the vaccine antigen positive.

Swine plague and vaccine poison is the same strain, the virus sequencing results are almost the same, it is difficult to distinguish between vaccine poison and wild poison, so the detection of swine plague antigen positive, we must pay attention to determine whether the virus infection or vaccine immunity caused by antigen positive, to prevent manslaughter.

2, pay attention to the PCR method sensitivity is too high and easy to be contaminated caused by false positives. 3, pay attention to the collection site of the disease, different pathogen tissue addiction is different.

Detection of swine fever, recommended collection of tonsils, lymph nodes, detection of pseudo-hounds recommended collection of tonsils, brain tissue or blood, blue ear recommended collection of lungs and so on. 4, pay attention to the collection method of disease materials and preservation transport. Do bacteria testing should pay attention to sterile operation, to prevent contamination of disease materials.

Do virus testing should pay attention to timely freezing of disease materials, the virus encountered high temperature inactivity, resulting in difficult to detect. Antibody testing is also very important for guiding the development of immune procedures. Piglet's first protection from the interference of the female-derived antibody is relatively large, the time of immunity is too early, the vaccine is the mother-source antibody neutral, not the desired effect; Through antibody detection to find out the mother-source antibody decay law, we can find a relatively good first day-free age, so that piglets get sustained protection.