What is ELISA Kits

- Jul 05, 2019-

ELISA kit in the domestic there are many kinds of call, such as: ELISA test kit, ELISA Kit, enzyme-linked immunoassay kit, enzyme-linked immunosorption test kit, enzyme-linked immuno-analysis kit, enzyme-free kit, etc. , the more common call is ELISA test kit, enzyme-linked immunosorption test kit and so on.


ELISA kit since the 60'70s came out, has been recognized and respected by researchers around the world, in Europe and the United States and China has been greatly promoted, especially in the field of domestic biochemical development. Elisa biological test is a high sensitivity, specificity, good repeatability of experimental diagnostic methods. Because of its stable reagents, easy to save, easy to operate, the results of the judgment is more objective and other factors, has been widely used in various fields of immunology testing. The ELISA test kit is suitable for in vitro qualitative detection of anti-human hepatitis E virus IgM antibody ELISA testing in human serum or plasma.