Talking about pet vaccine sin

- May 05, 2019-

First of all, please be sure to choose a regular pet hospital for pet vaccination, please note your choice of hospital qualifications and vaccination certificate, if you need to inject free rabies vaccine, only to the Ministry of Agriculture designated rabies injection unit to inject!

Secondly, just buy home pet or priority to keep home pets, try to take to the hospital first to check the health or not, doctors will generally recommend three days of serum home to observe 15 days before vaccination!

After the comparison, the recommendations for serum are as follows:

1. The puppy that has eaten breast milk (home breeding) brings its own antibody within 45 days, so it may consider whether it is necessary to inject serum as appropriate!

2. All aspects are relatively normal, home on the way home and after home there is no too much stress to reflect the pet, may consider the need to inject serum as appropriate!

3. Most of the puppies bought from street vendors and environmentally ill dog markets are living in poor environments, and it is recommended to inject serum to improve immunity.

4. Puppy to home after the emergence of stress response recommended injection serum.

5. Remind us after comparison that the vaccine cannot be injected within 15 days after the serum injection