Several aspects of antibody detection should be noted

- Apr 30, 2019-

1, Reasonable sampling. If the sage disease, can not only detect sick pigs, but also to detect healthy pigs, in order to see the difference between antibodies.

If there is a problem with the piglets in the production room, to test the antibodies of the sow in the production room at the same time, the piglets have problems with the sows and the sows without problems should be taken.

2, To prevent hemolysis and corruption.

Hemolysis will affect the accuracy of the test results, hemolysis leads to the release of hemoglobin, hemoglobin has peroxidase activity, will catalyze the eLISA detection reagent seqitasis, the isolated serum needs to be low-temperature preservation and transportation.

3, Choose the right test kit. One is to choose the test results more in line with the clinical testing reagents, the second is to choose the test method suitable for the environmental conditions, there is no professional laboratory conditions, you can choose portable equipment for on-site testing, and the third is to choose different testres according to the purpose of testing, to develop a reasonable immune procedure, Select can fully show the antibody production law of the detection reagents;

4, The analysis of the test report must be combined with clinical, the background information of the sample to be clear, the test reagent determination criteria to be clear. Laboratory testdata and clinical non-conformity should pay attention to identify the problem, from sample collection, sample delivery, testing reagents, operating procedures and other links to consider.