Self-study pig foot-and-mouth disease Type A antibody plate has been successfully

- Mar 31, 2019-

Foot-and-mouth disease in pigs is caused by foot-and-mouth disease virus, which is characterized by blisters and rotting spots in the skin of hoofs, toes and hooves, and some pig oral mucosa and nasal disks have the same lesions. Treatment of anti-virus, local anti-inflammatory. Pig foot-and-mouth disease is generally more frequent in the winter and spring festival direct and indirect contact can make pigs sick, such as sick pigs, water, contaminated feeding utensils and means of transport can spread. The types of foot-and-mouth disease infected in pigs in China are mainly O-type and Type A.

This product is a large plate of type A antibodies.

Clinical performance of foot-and-mouth disease in pigs

1, To hoof blisters as a feature, body temperature rise, the whole body symptoms are obvious, hoof crown, hoof fork, hoof red, the formation of blisters and festering, there is a secondary infection, the hoof shell may fall off;

2, Sick pig limp, happy to lie; sick pig nose disk, mouth, gums, tongue, breasts (mainly lactating sows).

3, Can also be seen blisters and rotten spots; piglets can die from enteritis and myocarditis.