Notes in the ELISA kit testing process

- May 15, 2019-

1, To ensure the accuracy of the pipetting gun, the error can not exceed 2%. Can be determined using water and electronic balances. But it is best to have professionals to correct it.

2, To be equipped with 20ul, 50ul, 100ul, 1000ul and one each. After drawing different fluids, replace the head of the gun. Even when drawing on standards.

3, To the test 1 hour before the kit out of the refrigerator, so that all kinds of reagents are restored to room temperature, so that the results more stable.

4, The experiment, to make the substrate to avoid light preservation.

5, With the gun to absorb liquid speed can not be too fast, so as not to produce bubbles and make the absorption is not accurate.

6, When absorbing liquid, to use the range and the amount of close to the gun to suck, reduce the error.

7, When adding liquid to the enzyme marker hole, avoid contact between the head of the gun and the liquid inside the hole, can make the droplets on the head of the gun and the hole wall contact, the droplets will flow naturally.

8, The liquid is all added, the enzyme plate can be gently wiggled on the table in parallel for 30 seconds, mixed liquid. It is also possible to use the swaying function of the enzyme marker.

9, Warm bath, to use stickers or tape paper sealed enzyme plate, to prevent evaporation of water.

10, Washing plate, each wash added, should be left to rest for 1 minute, so that cleaning more thorough. When there is no plate washing machine, pour the liquid, to the enzyme plate in the newspaper or wool paper hard patting dry.

11. When the lotion is not enough, the phosphate buffer of PH7.4,0.02M can be formulated by distilled water, and 0.1% twain 20 is added as the lotion. Add 1/1000 of the sodium nitrogen stack for long-term preservation.

12, The substrate is light sensitive, to be ready for use before the current.

13, Before detection, to open the enzyme marker, so that it stabilizes for more than 10 minutes.

14, The substrate has a certain toxicity, termination liquid on the skin is corrosive, should try to avoid contact.

15, The sample to be examined to be clarified, otherwise it will affect the results.

16, Warm bath time should comply with the kit regulations.

17, Should try to do double-hole experiments, so as to ensure the accuracy of the data.

18, The results of the sample in doubt to be confirmed by other methods.