How to treat pig blue ear when it breaks out?

- Mar 25, 2019-

First, after the outbreak of blue ear, the blue ear vaccine can not be urgently vaccinated!

1, Blue ear vaccination, about 2 weeks to produce antibodies, slow immunity, is not conducive to rapid blocking of wild virus attack, emergency immunization blue ear may lead to faster transmission, so that pigs more serious, and foot-and-mouth disease, foot-and-mouth disease also takes 10 days to produce immunity.

2, Emergency vaccination will create more hidden infected pigs;

3, Do not do serotype identification, can not choose the right strains; 4, single batch of pigs (pig farm scratching pigs), feel that the symptoms will be significantly reduced after emergency vaccination, but not the blue ear vaccine itself, but the role of the vaccine interference.

But once the pig farm is contaminated, blue ear cases will occur continuously for the next 2 years.

Second, small diseases in the treatment, big diseases in conditioning!

Emergency vaccination does not work, blue ear disease treatment should pay attention to a treatment principle: small diseases in treatment, major diseases in conditioning.

1, Piglet sprigs on the requirements: diarrhea piglets recharge electrolyte, prevention and treatment of dehydration; Wean early! Some places use sheep's milk to feed piglets, survival rate is relatively high. But skimmed milk and yogurt are not good, because of poor nutrition, try to feed full milk.

2, Sow breeding requirements: acute morbidity and stop breastfeeding sows to feed the extra fishmeal diet, enhance physical fitness;

3, The diseased sow breeding requirements: If the sow after birth piglets all died, should be delayed breeding time, and stay in the original ring, until the cut off;

Third, passive drug use:

Blue ear disease has no special effects medication, treatment is the use of antiviral drugs.

1, Jaundice polysaccharides, vitamin E, l-rotation, or interferon, globulin, etc. to enhance immunity, antiviral;

2, Lincomycin, Timostar and other antibiotics or antibiotics to prevent secondary infection.