Features of ELISA Kits

- Jun 15, 2019-

First, high-efficiency, sensitive, unique antibodies;

Second, stable repeatability and reliability;

Third, good adsorption performance, low blank value, high transparency of the hole bottom of the solid-phase carrier;

Four, the application of serum, plasma, tissue homogenous fluid, cell culture on the liquid, urine and other specimen types;

Fifth, save experimental funds. The elisa kit recovery rate is the degree of loss of the object to be measured in the sample analysis process, the less the loss, the higher the recovery rate, if the standard liquid 1PPM, is 1 mg/L, and the standard data is 0.99 mg/L, that is to say, your recovery rate is 99%, which is closely related to the real ingredients, Explain the accuracy of the method. For example, the total inorganic chlorine content determination in the water, sample water contains inorganic chlorine 20 mg/L, take 100mL water samples, add 0.1mL concentration of 10mg/mL of inorganic chlorine standard sample, measurement ignores volume changes, if the sample inorganic chlorine is determined to be 2.98mg/L, the recovery rate is considered to be 99%.