ELISA Kits Applications

- May 20, 2019-

ELISA method is a new technology in immunodiagnostics, which has been successfully applied to the immuno-diagnosis of infectious diseases, parasitic diseases and non-communicable diseases caused by a variety of pathogenic microorganisms. It has also been applied to the quantitative determination of large molecular antigens and small molecular antigens, and according to the results already used, eLISA method is considered to be sensitive, unique, simple, fast, stable and easy to automate. Not only for clinical specimen examination, but also for serological epidemiological investigations because hundreds or even thousands of specimens can be examined in a single day. This method can be used not only to determine antibodies, but also to determine circulating antigens in body fluids, so it is also a good method for early diagnosis.

As a result, the ELISA method is increasingly used in various fields of biomedical science.

There are four areas to summarize:

1, Immunoenzyme staining of various intracellular components of the positioning.

2. Research on the synthesis of antienzyme antibodies.

3, The appearance of trace immune precipitation reaction.

4, Quantitative detection of antigens or antibody components in body fluids.