Antigen antibody testing for animals in autumn

- May 10, 2019-

After the consumption of the heat, pig immunity generally reduced, manifested in: antibody reduction, blood worm sabotaging, toxin accumulation in the body and so on. Autumn, the temperature is suitable, it is the repair of the physique for vaccine remediation and health care of the better season, is the pig herd can safely survive the winter key season. In the autumn, it is a stable and important task for pig farms to make up for the basic immunization of foot-and-mouth disease, swine fever and pseudo-rabies.

In order to avoid the damage of blind immunity and blind drug use to pigs, before immune care, please carry out antigen antibody testing. In order to accurately grasp the immune status and health status of pigs, in order to timely correct the pig farm epidemic prevention unreasonable place, targeted drug prevention and health care, disease prevention before, smooth winter.